😎 Surface Duo Review: Double Trouble

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What if a Microsoft Surface could fit in your pocket? That’s the question Microsoft has been asking (in some form or another) since well before the Surface brand ever hit the mainstream. From a marketing perspective, it’s a good narrative – better to lean on one of the company’s most successful consumer brands than risk invoking the dreaded carcass of “Windows Phone.” And enough companies have dipped their toe in the waters between smartphone and laptop over the years to suggest that maybe there’s some potential there – Samsung’s recent experiments with foldables being the most obvious example.

The trouble with forging new paths into uncharted product categories, though, is that you need both clarity of concept and excellence in execution. The Surface Duo, like all first-generation products, is at the moment lacking in the latter category – and that shortcoming can be felt in almost every interaction with the device. Does that mean the Duo should be put back onto the dusty shelf alongside the Courier and the Kin? Absolutely not … but it does mean that those considering investing $1399 in one of these wafer-thin experimental gadgets should do so only if they’re the most devoted of Microsoft fans.

I’m MrMobile and I’ve spent two weeks with Microsoft’s first mobile device since 2015. Join me for the Surface Duo Review!




MrMobile’s Microsoft Surface Duo Review was produced following two weeks with a Surface Duo review sample provided by Microsoft. Preproduction device running prerelease software, tested on T-Mobile and AT&T in Brooklyn, NY. The device received two software updates during the review period and was reviewed based on the version shipping to customers on launch day, September 10, 2020.

MrMobile does not produce paid or sponsored reviews; Microsoft provided no compensation and was afforded no preview or copy approval rights concerning this content. The lone sponsor of this video is SurfShark.


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