😎 Sonic 2 | iOS & Android | Level Select & Debug Cheat Code Guide With Commentary!

In this video I show you how to unlock level select and debug mode for Sonic 2 on iOS and Android. I also show you how to unlock the secret configuration menu, all emeralds and how to change Tails name!

The full text guide is as follows:.

1. Select no save with any character.
2. When the sega logo appears press the s, e , g, a letters in order. You will hear a ring sound.
3. When Sonic appears, use two fingers and press and hold down using both fingers near the bottom right. You will be reported to the level select screen.
4. For all emerals enter the following code: 4, 1, 2 , 6. You will hear a sound if entered correctly.
5. For the secret game config menu enter: 00, 00, 00. A secret menu will appear where you can select any combination of characters you want, and what type of ring boxes you require as well as flight and air cap options.
6. For debug enter: 1,9,9,2,1,1,2,4
7. Start a level, tap the top left of the screen to enter debug mode, plus and minus let’s you cycle through all the different object. And press the action button to place them. Tap the top left to transform back into Sonic.
8. Finally if you want to change tails name at the bottom right hand corners of the screen to Miles, simply type in A,G,E,S when the game is loading and you’ll hear an sound if done right.