😎 Samsung One UI v2.0 | Tips, Tricks & Best Features

Samsung’s latest Galaxy phones like the S20, A51 and A71 come with One UI version 2.0 stuffed on top of Android. This fresh updated launcher adds loads of features to Google’s OS, and here’s my tips and tricks guide to highlight some of the best tools on there – from gesture controls and notification customisation to

If you already own a One UI Galaxy smartphone, then you can expect an update to v2.0 very shortly. This doesn’t make many changes to the aesthetics of Samsung’s launcher but it does tweak some features and add some new bits. Thankfully all of the best old bits are still there, including Bixby Routines, the one handed mode and so on. Existing tools like the Dark Mode have been improved, now supporting all of Google and Samsung’s first party apps. And you get some decent fresh additions like the dynamic lock screens.

I’m going to go hands-on with the new Galaxy S20 smartphones at the huge Samsung Unpacked launch next week so check back then for my early review of these new flagship devices. My full Galaxy A51 review will be coming shortly before that.