😎 Samsung Galaxy S7 Review [2017]

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We all do it: a hot new smartphone like the Galaxy S8 drops, and we’re in love – until we see the price tag. Then we start thinking, “well, how bad would it be if I got last year’s model instead?” The good news: the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are still outstanding smartphones worthy of a long look, especially once they get discounted following the Galaxy S8 release. The better news: there are other, still-cheaper smartphones out there worth a look as well. The bad news: neither of these options will get you a Galaxy S8. Check out MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review for 2017, and stay tuned for the Galaxy S8 review coming soon!




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MrMobile’s Galaxy S7 Review 2017 was produced following ten months with a Galaxy S7 review device and five months with a Galaxy S7 edge review device, one a Galaxy S7 retail device purchased by Mobile Nations and the other a Galaxy S7 edge review device on loan from Samsung. The devices received several updates over the course of their lifetimes and were tested on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in Greater Boston and beyond.


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Galaxy S7 Review [Android Central]:


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