😎 RetroArch Quick: Cheats

In this “Quick” we will learn how to enable cheats for games. Once upon a time a wise man said “if you can’t change the world change your cheat”…

Load your favourite rom, get in-game menu by pressing F1 then scroll down till you see “Cheats” get in there and click select Load. First find your console then find your game, after you select the game you will be back in Cheats menu again. Toggle on-off between your cheats by pressing right or left, when everything looks okay selecy Apply. Get back your game…

Quick reminder, be sure you have latest version and updated cheats, assets and core infos. Not every game have cheats and not every game works flawless with cheats so be careful.

More information in here https://docs.libretro.com/guides/cheat-codes/

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