😎 Planet Gemini Review: A Tiny Computer With Big Ideas

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Normally when I review a product, the question I’m trying to answer is whether it’s worth the asking price. But the Planet Gemini PDA was crowdfunded, willed into existence by almost 6,000 people pooling over $2 million on Indiegogo so that Planet Computers could build a modern version of the classic Psion PDA.

Not ringing a bell? That’s okay; the Psion only achieved wide popularity in Europe, and that was a long time ago. Still, the Psion captured many hearts by virtue of its legendary QWERTY keyboard – a keyboard faithfully reproduced by the folks at Planet and mated with a smartphone/tablet to become the Planet Gemini PDA.

Is it a smartphone? A tiny computer? A revived personal organizer? Bits of all three, really … and I’d be doubtful for its prospects out in the “real world” but for the little detail of its fully-funded status. So now that Planet Gemini devices are rolling off the assembly line and into eager buyers’ hands, let’s take a look at how it performs out in the real world! Join me for the Planet Gemini review on MrMobile!


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MrMobile’s Planet Gemini Review was produced following two weeks with a Planet Gemini review device. The unit was tested in Barcelona, Spain and Boston, MA, USA on T-Mobile US.


Planet Gemini PDA [Indiegogo]:

Planet Gemini PDA forums at OESF:


“Escapade” by Vincent Tone, available at Premium Beat:

“Tidal Lines” by Ryan Carlson, available at Premium Beat:




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