😎 Overrun: Zombie Horde Apocalypse Survival TD Game Gameplay Walkthrough #1 (Android, IOS)

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Overrun throws you into the zombie apocalypse! Of the Zombie shooting games, this is one of the best. Use strategy against the infected, virus spreading walking dead to survive the next wave of zombies. Build your base, assemble your armory, prepare to fight & defend your survivors against the hordes of attacking dead targets. Don’t fall into a state of decay by allowing the zombies into your base in this free to play zombie tower defense game.


Apocalypse has struck and a highly contagious virus has infected 99% of the population of the planet, creating zombies. Those that are infected become crazed, bloodthirsty monsters. As the leader of a brave group of survivors, it’s down to you to prepare them to fight the hordes of zombies.

Each time you successfully complete a wave, your survivors will scavenge some loot from the battlefield to fight the next wave of zombies. Often minor items like first aid kits and grenades but sometimes you find a real treasure like a cluster strike or napalm strike to really blast the hell out of them. As the waves go by you’ll eventually unlock these items to buy in the apocalypse shop but it’s still a great free bonus.


Unlock new structures as you fight through the waves of zombies and use them to improve your defense. The undead approach from every direction so you’ll have to make sure you’re prepared for anything.

Each wave you complete rewards you with new structures and items to defend your base against the zombie army.


Collect Zombie Bucks from every zombie you kill and use them to better prepare for the next wave. You can buy new items to use mid-wave such as explosives, distractions, power ups and much more. Alternatively you can use your Zombie Bucks to buy more defensive structures to protect your survivors from the hordes of zombies.

The zombie apocolypse weapon shop will restock its inventory every single wave, giving you the option of trading Zombie Bucks for a new weapon or two. Make sure you keep enough money saved up for that rocket launcher or 50 caliber rifle you’ve always wanted.


New survivors will hear of your accomplishments with the zombies and may want to join your group. They will bring a weapon with them and will often have improved stats when compared to the survivors in your group. Careful though because you can only support a limited number of survivors so you may have to make a difficult choice.

You can also manage your group of misfits by levelling them up to improve their health and stats, giving them body armor, and healing them if they were damaged in the previous round. Doing so before starting a wave will give you a huge advantage as the zombies get harder and harder to kill.


Control where your survivors focus their firepower and move them out of tricky spots while they hold back the oncoming waves of the dead. Use grenades, molotovs and other useful items you have collected to help them fight off the hordes of undead.

Have what it takes to survive? Download Overrun, one of the best zombie games on Google Play NOW!


Note: We welcome any and all feedback during your experience to improve the game. To submit feedback please send an email to feedback@wildfire-games.com

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