😎 O2 Cocoon – (p)review

💯 working
Pros & Cons

+nice to touch,
+good screen,
+easy to use,
+good camera,
+nest making it work as a clock,
+good games,
+customizable ring tones and alarm

-an annoying software bug(!),
-SLOW working
-play time of 8 hours – NOT 15 as advertised,
-If kept on a desk like a normal phone gets scratched on the back,
-rubbers on the headphones are too soft – and don’t block the outside noise as well,
-poor bass transmission by the phone,
-badly designed headphones – if you connect a non original set, you end up with 2 ft of extra cable which you either put in the pocket or let hang, none of which is comfortable.
-NO POUCH in the box as listed in the phone manual “box contents”
-too poor customization options (I just got of an XDA EXEC so it might be me 😉

Truth is – the more I use it, the more flaws I find. I should be a mobile phone tester, damn it :]