😎 MKX mobile – Backup/Retry Trick Offline (for Android) *OBSOLETE 2019*

reason to do is sometimes u want to hard reset your phone without internet connection. recommended for “retry trick” on offline mode 🙂

*required ROOTED android phone! (not working for non root phone)

*no internet connection required
*you still can load your game to the cloud! 🙂
*your progress (level, koins, souls, blood rubies, kollection) is saved
* no need to replay tutorials and login to wbid (time saving)


*i don’t recommended ES File Explorer as it can’t copy root file properly. I tried and my game crashed. Root Explorer app is good.
* if you dont see a sale or challenge appears, you had to clear data, replay tutorial and relogin to wbid (make sure you already succeeded in your retry trick before that)

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