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Maxwest Neo 4G Review + Giveaway! | Not the Matrix’s Phone. The Maxwest Neo 4G is a great device for those looking for a simple phone with no gps, no wifi, and a simple browser. The Neo 4G offers compatibility with the GSM carriers in the United States and other outside of it. I think the Maxwest Neo 4G is a good offering, but it could be better and have other features. If its for you, grab the Maxwest Neo 4G here:

Giveaway: https://forms.gle/Wtw1WDD2PFEQZ6TR8


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0:00:00 Intro
0:00:25 Giveaway!
0:00:55 A good device with non-google OS
0:01:55 Text messages
0:02:34 Tools for the maxwest neo
0:03:54 It can crash, but its pretty reliable and SOS
0:05:05 Who is this device for?
0:07:30 Bloopers

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