๐Ÿ˜Ž Infinix Note 10 Pro Unboxing and Review

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Infinix Note 10 Pro Unboxing and Review. The big brother of the vanilla Infinix Note 10, the Infinix Note 10 Pro is moreorless an incremental upgrade of the Infinix Zero 8 but without the perks of an upgrade. The camera is not significantly better and the Infinix Note 10 Pro’s Helio G95 CPU is only a tiny bump up from the G90T on the Zero 8. The Nordic Secret color looks the nicest but asides that, it’s the only one with that fingerprint resistant textured back. Compared the Infinix Note 10 Pro’s camera with the Zero 8’s camera. Be sure to get to my conclusion in order to decide if this is the right phone for you to buy.

PS: There’s no stylus included in the box but Infinix however loaded the X-Note app for some strange reason.


Time stamps

00:00 – Unboxing
01:26 – Design
01:58 – Display
02:20 – Storage
02:28 – Software
02:42 – X-pen/Stylus
02:57 – Performance
03:28 – Fingerprint and Face Unlock
03:49 – Speaker Comparison
04:14 – Gaming
04:35 – Battery and Charging Test
05:24 – Camera(Photography)
07:30 – Camera(Videography)
08:19 – Conclusion
08:57 – Price


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Buy Infinix Note 10 Pro Here – https://bit.ly/InfinixNote10ProJumia


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Infinix Note10 Pro code name – Infinix X695
Commonly misspelled as ‘Infinity Note 10 Pro’

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