😎 How to Use Cheat Codes On PPSSPP (Android)


β˜…How to Use Cheat Codes On PPSSPP (Android)
β–Ί NOTE :

β–Ί if the cheats are enabled but not working that means you have pasted a code that is not compatible with the game version, for example when you downloaded the game ROM you might noticed the the version of the ROM is US or EU that means its ethier a United Stated or Europe version so when you look for the cheats on google type the version of the ROM after CW cheats, for example “Final Fantasy Crisis Core EU CW cheats”.
β–Ί if you dont find the game’s cheat file after enabling the cheats from the emulator try to download the latest version of the emulator, link is below.
β–Ί this method will not work on all PPSSPP games; some of them does not have or does not suport CW Cheats.
β–Ί This tutorial made on the game : Naruto Shippuden – Ultimate Ninja Impact .

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