😎 How To Hack Any Game With Cheat Engine – Pointers & EntityBase

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0:00 Introduction
0:31 Finding values
3:40 Finding instructions that write to value
9:00 Dissect data structures feature

On this cheat engine tutorial you will learn how to hack any game using such tool. We will use a simple FPS game called Assault Cube, or AC for short because it is a great example of the general process you take when hacking a generic game with cheat engine and other tools. Note that this video is kind of old, so we have updated content on our guidedhacking forum that you can access in the video description, there you will find guides on how to hack games in general and also content for specific video games that are quite popular which include aimbot and other types of cheats. In short this tutorial shows how to use cheat engine using quite a few of its features to effectively extract useful information from games.

We start by demonstrating how the search scan feature of cheat engine works, basically using the combo box you can choose the type of the value you are looking for, if you are uncertain you can also choose all types. Now, most likely the value you found is dynamic which means that when you restart the game it will probably be located in a different address. However if the value has a green text color it means that it is static so it will not change. A good way to find the address of a dynamic value is by looking for a static pointer and offsets that together will point to the value, this is a multi level pointer. It should be possible to find the static pointer and the offsets by analyzing the instructions that modify the value and the instructions that are executed before. The more experience you have the easier it will become for you to find such addresses.

Duudes this tutorial is going to show you the basics of how to mod any game using cheat engine. We will talk about scanning for variables, finding pointers, finding offsets, using “What Accesses this address” and how to use the Cheat Engine struct dissector. If you want to be a big game hacker someday the first step is to learn how to use CE. When you’re pro with it, finding the player base address and entity list is very easy. So please enjoy this beginnner tutorial for the would be game cheat creator 🙂


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