😎 Heroes of the Dark™, android gameplay, beginner tips and tricks, game review and guide

Heroes of the Dark, android gameplay, game review, tips and tricks, walktrough and guide is a video on android gameplay, for an idle game,with begginer tips and a simple walktrough.
Heroes of the Dark Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.dark.heroes.strategy.games&gl=RO
In Heroes of the Dark you will give you the chance to level up your heroes and compete against other teams. This video will be a simple review for Heroes of the Dark.
Heroes of the Dark is an android game, that can be played vertical on you mobile phone.
This video with Heroes of the Dark and gameplay is an android version for the gameplay of the game, so if you enjoy the video give Heroes of the Dark idle game a try.
In Heroes of the Dark you do not have the possibility to watch some adds in order for you to advance much more faster in the game. Also in Heroes of the Dark, you will be able to upgrade your heroes in order to make more money. In Heroes of the Dark you will not need to watch some adds, but check put the video with the android gameplay, beginner tips and tricks and see what adds are more profitable.
When you will reach a specific level, in Heroes of the Dark, the idle Game you will not be able to reset your progress.
Try Heroes of the Dark if you enjoyed games with heroes, especially with gold, but also if you like rpg games.
Heroes of the Dark video is from my Lets Play Playlist, that you will find on the channel, where you can see lots of idle games for you to try and play on your mobile phone.
Heroes of the Dark is an awesome RPG game, you need to try this Heroes of the dark rpg game, but also check my heroes of the dark beginner tips, guide and game review. In this video the heroes of the dark will reveal their beginner tips for yuo, but also their heroes of the dark beginner guide.

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Vampire, Werewolf, and Human: In this age of darkness, these three factions wage a bloody war for dominance and survival. Chose the faction that you want to embrace.

Heroes of the Dark (HotD) is an online game set in a grim Victorian world full of lands to explore, mysteries to uncover, and monsters to vanquish. But to do this you must recruit and train heroes of darkness from each faction – for only one who can master their combined magic and might in 5v5 battle can prevent the darkest of fates from befalling the land of Tenebris.

Customize Your Mansion

You will begin your strategy RPG adventure from within a gothic mansion, filled with dark magic waiting to be unlocked. As your power grows, you can expand your mansion to allow more heroes of darkness to unite from the Human, Werewolf and Vampire factions. But you must also upgrade its defenses to ward off invaders as you launch campaigns of conquest far and wide!

Strategic 5v5 Battle

It is not enough to simply amass great heroes to your side. HotD offers a deep level of strategy as you form teams for fast-paced 5v5 battle, utilizing dozens of unique Werewolf, Human, and Vampire heroes. Discover synergies between your heroes of darkness and their classes to outwit enemies and unleash unspeakable magic and devastation!
A Living Online Game

The action never stops in HotD! Because this is a real time online game, your might grows and the world evolves even as you sleep. You can send heroes to explore a dungeon now, and check back later to see what treasures they’ve found. And be sure to watch your allies’ backs to fend off unexpected attacks.
– Friends & Allies –

As you forge mighty alliances with other HotD players, you can wage all-out alliance wars, vanquish your rivals in 5v5 battle, and rise to legendary renown. By working together, you can even claim whole regions, capture magic Crystals, and ultimately assault the Heart of Tenebris – the key to total domination of this online game.
– A Tale of Bloody War & Forbidden Magic –

When the moon shattered, its shards rained upon the world, granting the Werewolves untold strength. So the Vampires fled to Tenebris, bending it to their self-righteous will. But the Humans they rule have forged great technology in hopes of overthrowing their masters, just as the Werewolves have tracked the Vampires to this new land…
Despite this, all three will need to unite to stop an even greater threat, as an arcane weapon threatens to decimate all the living and undead from the world.

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