😎 GTA Chinatown Wars Cheats (iOS, Android, PSP & Nintendo DS)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – All Cheats for Mobile (Apple iOS & Android), Sony PSP and Nintendo DS

GTA Chinatown Wars Side Missions Playlist: https://bit.ly/3r74Ht6

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0:00 General Info & How to activate cheats on mobile
0:43 Cheat: Health and Armor
1:14 Cheat: Armor
1:36 Cheat: Raise Wanted Level
2:29 Cheat: Lower Wanted Level
3:07 Cheat: Weapon Set 1
3:48 Cheat: Weapon Set 2
4:30 Cheat: Weapon Set 3
5:11 Cheat: Weapon Set 4
5:52 Cheat: Explosive Eagle
7:02 Cheat: Sunny Weather
7:27 Cheat: Extra Sunny Weather
7:52 Cheat: Cloudy Weather
8:17 Cheat: Rainy Weather
8:42 Cheat: Heavy Rain Weather
9:07 Cheat: Foggy Weather
9:32 Cheat: Stormy Weather

9:59 Cheat: Add Money
10:45 Cheat: Stop the Clock
11:35 Cheat: Time +1
12:50 Cheat: Time +6
14:04 Cheat: Time +24

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