😎 FALLOUT SHELTER (No Cheat/Hack): Unlimited Lunchbox Glitch | iOS How to Gameplay Guide (iPhone/iPad)

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Here is the complete Fallout Shelter Cheat (No hacking, no cheating tool, no jailbreak involved):

1) Complete the tutorial.
2) Start doing objectives.
3) Get to the two “sell weapon or outfit” and “equip dweller with outfit” objectives and DON’T complete them.
4) Complete the third objective (like collect 50 water or collect 50 food) and you will get a lunchbox with it.
5) The loop is done: Repeat the third objective over and over again and get an enourmous amount of lunchboxes for the future game!

This was the UNLIMITED LUNCHBOX glitch. We explained how to get infinite Lunchboxes. Comment, if this works out for you! Thumbs up, if you want to see more Fallout Shelter tricks and guides in the future!

Update: If you have accidently completed the two objectives, which shouldn’t be completed, don’t claim the prize and you will still be able to get lunchboxes in the loop!

Original reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/foshelter/comments/3aar4o/unlimited_lunch_box_glitch_without/

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