😎 Car Scanner app – setup and tricks

Car Scanner ELM OBD2 app (OvZ) for Android and iPhone – setup and tricks

Car Scanner ELM OBD2

00:00 intro
00:12 setup ELM327 adapter
00:32 choose car profile
01:53 change language/units
02:50 Demo mode
02:54 Dashboard+Live data+All parameters
03:40 fuel tank + calibration
04:00 DTC diagnostic error codes
04:26 non-continuous monitors
04:40 acceleration, emissions
04:58 trip data recording
05:40 custom PIDs
05:50 ping

+you can download my custom Dashboards:
https://youtu.be/qulNXS0Y39Q (see description)

 I used Torque Pro for many years, but I realised this app is better in many ways:
– easier to set up than Torque, just select car profile then go to All Sensors
– Car Scanner has plenty of pre-loaded car profiles (extended sensors / custom PIDs)
– works with generic ELM327 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi adapters
– All sensors are listed on one list
– data logging (sensors visible on Dashboard is archived)
– change factory settings in VW, Toyota, Renault, Hyundai, etc
– VW coding and long coding (no extra payment)
– emissions test, freeze frames, acceleration tests, 1/4 mile times
– I can use Car Scanner and receive phone calls via car’s Bluetooth at the same time

I have no affiliation with this app, I simply use it often.

Car Scanner PRO (full version) is an in-app purchase: download Car Scanner ELM OBD2 as free full trial for short time to test all options. Then pay only once to get Car Scanner PRO for life, or use free version with ads and limited functions


Car Scanner seems a very good – but cheaper – alternative to Carly, EOBD Facile, Carista, FIXD, OBD Eleven, OBD Auto Doctor and other apps

Default OBDII profile shows almost nothing. Find your car in Vehicle options/Connection Profile (or when first connected to ELM327), or choose most similar car/engine. Each profile has 50-400 parameters (listed in Settings/Sensors even without connection to car). No need to install custom PIDs. App has extended profiles for most car brands (VW, AUDI, TOYOTA, RENAULT, HYUNDAI, KIA, SKODA, OPEL, FORD, VOLVO, etc). You can also create/import custom PIDs

Many diesel profiles seem to show DPF soot. But not ALL profiles show DPF – check before buying PRO version. Car Scanner cannot force service DPF regeneration (except some VW engines)

Change color, layout, add pages, set photo as background. Live data is displayed as charts, numbers, gauges – customize color and size (no external skins as in Torque). Sensors visible on Dashboard are recorded. Dashboard can be shared as json file. You can edit Dashboard in Demo mode – but first connect to car at least once to gather sensors available in your car: https://youtu.be/c-3bS2WdsLE

Some sensors show 0 or strange values – this is cheap generic app, not a brand-specific diagnostic equipment. Professional tools are very expensive

Android – Bluetooth 1, 2, 3, or 4 LE
iPhone – only Bluetooth 4 LE (iPhone doesn’t work with Bluetooth 1, 2, 3)

I use iCar2 Vgate with Android, it shuts off after 30 minutes – can be left in diagnostic port
iPhone requires Bluetooth 4.0 (Icar Vgate PRO 4.0)

Avoid ELM327 Wi-Fi adapters:
– Wi-Fi stops mobile Internet 4G/LTE in phone
– every time you need to switch WiFi manually to Elm327
– iOS apps cannot run in background on WiFi

Bluetooth ELM327 is better:
– Bluetooth connects up to 4 devices: phone to ELM327 (for Car Scanner) and to car for phone calls + music/data streaming (but music has lower bitrate)
– Bluetooth does not interrupt mobile data LTE/4G in phone

Pair phone with ELM327 adapter BEFORE launching Car Scanner
When ELM is paired, select that ELM327 in Settings/Connection/Select device.
Don’t choose your car’s Bluetooth here (My VW, My Toyota)!

Cheap blue ELM327 adapters are not reliable, may not connect / cause errors in car.
“ELM327 Identifier” app can detect fakes. More info:

Choosing OBDII adapter

Don’t leave ELM327 in diagnostic port – it drains 12V battery and keeps modules awake. Or buy ELM327 with auto turn off (iCar)

– only parameters displayed on Dashboard are archived
– many sensors not translated to other languages
– GPS position not recorded
– doesn’t work with USB cables

Car Scanner has many languages, short videos:
German (Deutsch) https://youtu.be/BqDrnJRSCT0
Turkish (Türkçe) https://youtu.be/CDOUKddXpVc
Spanish (Español) https://youtu.be/acj_DxnVFmw
Italian (Italiano) https://youtu.be/PfYQdb1zu0M
French (Française) https://youtu.be/u9oRZwTH0gM
Portugal (Português) https://youtu.be/RaIh0mHHp4w
Korean ( 한국어 ) https://youtu.be/N4AYTc90DHU
Chinese ( 简体中文 ) https://youtu.be/5DKXmsCtTH0
Arabic (اللغة العربية) https://youtu.be/O_OgTxR4-1I
Japanese (日本語) https://youtu.be/-5Dxu1DoxXg
Russian (Русский) https://youtu.be/H7E-1Yma4pA
Czech (Český)
Polish (Polski)

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