😎 Android Lollipop Secrets and Cool Features

Hello and welcome to the complete guide to using your Android Lollipop Nexus 6. Today’s it’s hidden secrets and cool features.

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To reveal a hidden Android Lollipop, go to settings and then choose the about phone option at the bottom of the screen. Find the area that lists you current Android Version number and then start tapping it until a huge lollipop appears. You can than tap on this lollipop to change the colour.

From this Lollipop Screen you can play a secret mini game based on Flappy Birds. Long press on the lollipop and it will change into an android that you can tap through lollipops. A word of warning, this game is tough!

To access developer mode go to settings and then go to the about phone options and scroll to the very bottom of the screen. Where it says build number start tapping and a message will appear that says you are a few steps away from being a developer. Keep tapping it until the message ‘You are a Developer’ appears. Now if you back out of the screen onto the main settings screen the bottom option will be developer mode that you can toggle on or off. Just a word of warning, you mess with these settings at your own risk.

If you have multiple user profiles on your device you can see how much storage each user is taking up by going to settings, storage and then scrolling to the bottom of the screen where it will show the user name and the space they are taking up.

You can find out information about your device by going to settings and the about phone option. This displays information that you might need when diagnosing issues and to help you get this information you can long press on each of the sections to copy the text to your clipboard so that you can paste it somewhere else.

The default calculator application has a green strip down the right hand side and you can swipe in from that side of the screen to reveal scientific calculator options. You can also achieve the same effect by tilting your device to a landscape orientation.

To give some text on your device a black, bold outline go to settings and then scroll down to accessibility. On this screen you want to select high contrast mode. Toggle it on and then return to your homescreen. Now it might not be immediately apparent but the icon text will now have this bold outline effect as well as the clock and the lockscreen text. It may not be to your liking but it’s a nice little effect to consider.

If you’ve unlocked developer mode, one small side-effect of this is the ability to go to your app list using the button in the bottom right hand corner of your device and then long pressing on an icon to take you to the application info screen.

If you want to talk to your device, even while it’s asleep, you can do this through Google Now voice activation.
To get this, go to the Google app, then press on the bars in the top left hand corner and then then choose settings. Next you want to go to voice and then OK Google detection. Toggle the always on options and you will be prompted to say OK Google three times so that it can record and recognise your voice. This might take a couple of tries before it works. But once it’s set up, lock your device and start a conversation.

One fascinating and, when you think about it, terrifying feature is Google location history. You can find this by going to settings and then choosing location. Choose location history and then press the dots in the top right hand corner of the screen. Press on the view/manage button and this will take you to a Google web page where it will show you all the places your devices have been that are connected to Google.

If this is new to you then you might find it a bit invasive but everytime you’ve downloaded an application or used a Google service you’ve most likely agreed to this location services terms. And if you’ve got multiple devices connected to Google it will think you’ve been back and forth to several locations all at the same time. It can even track your history back 30 days. So what happens in Vegas, stays on Google’s servers these days.

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