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we are reviewing the latest product of Amazfit this time!. So, we are going to review the Amazfit PowerBuds TWS thoroughly and see all the details minutely. We will see if 99$ or 6999 rupees PowerBuds are worth buying or not?
Let’s start with its unboxing!
Talking about the unboxing of Amazfit PowerBuds TWS. The packaging looks solid and beautiful. The earbuds come in three colours black, white and yellow. And what I have in the box is dynamic black colour earbuds. It has a packaging of white colour box which on opening, shows a black colour matte finish solid earbud case, type c charger cable, instruction manuals, silicon earplugs of various sizes that you can utilize as per your comfort level. Inside the black stylish earbud case, there are two wireless earbuds and two magnetic hooks settled inside the case gives very creative & beautiful look.
We ll see the features details of the power-buds later. Lets first talk about the compelling specs of the Amazfit PowerBuds.
The specification of Amazfit PowerBuds are engrossing and quite compelling.
β€’ It comes in three colour variations as I have said earlier (white, black, yellow)
β€’ It is IP55 certified
β€’ 55mAH battery and case has 450 mAH battery.
β€’ 8 hours battery life of each earbud and 20 hours battery in one go , if earbud case is completely charged.
β€’ Earbuds weight- 7g and case weight is 57g.
β€’ Heartbeat sensor which will be enabled through app.
β€’ Price is 99 $ or 6999 in India currency
β€’ ENC dual microphone noise reduction.
β€’ Quick pairing
β€’ Magnetic hear hooks.
β€’ Awesome Wear sensor and touch functioning
Body/display :
If you have a look on the structure of the earbuds, they have two round loops covered with sensors which rarely seen in other earbuds that is because these earbuds has heartbeat sensor that work as your fitness tracker and hence they have little bigger structure comparing to other earbuds.
So, The heartbeat sensor here which notifies you your heartbeat tracking and it will only activate during your workout sessions.
There is touch sensor given on red structured pattern on the earbuds each which on double tap and triple tap functions differently such as on double tap it changes songs, etc .. all these gesture settings you can customize from the Amazfit app (Zepp). Touch sensor really work smooth.
It has wear sensor on right earbud which on taking it off from ear will pause the song and play it automatically once you fit it back in your ears.
Earbuds also have a button in the middle to pair the buds to mobile, and trust me the paring is superfast. The bluetooth pairing is really very very quick.
Inside the case, there are two magnetic hooks given which can be attached to the buds with the help of magnet. In both buds and ear hooks, magnet is inserted for its proper arrangement.

Portability : Its very portable as it is so small and cute. You can carry it in your pockets, in small crutches, but since it has curved structure and lags the flatness. Some may not like carrying entire case in their pockets.
if I talk about battery performance, I found the charging is really fast. As per my usage, I charged once in three days. But, on heavy usage it would give you a day. It usually gives around 20-24 hours of battery life on full charge of case. Each earbud gives you 8 hour of battery life. You can charge the case with given c type cable. Also, you put the buds in the case and keep them for charging when not in use.
The very good thing is, it eliminates the background sound while listening to music. Also, if you are on call, you would not be disturbed with the background noise much and the other person on call would not notice the difference of you using the earphones. It has dual microphone to call and the other one to avoid the unnecessary background noise.
So eventually the sound clarity is good on call.
Hence, the sound is good, and it shun the extra noise. You can smoothly listens to rap songs, edms, Hollywood-Bollywood music, workout music etc. but if you are an expert listener then it may not suit you, you may feel some disturbance in quality of sound for high pitching songs.

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