😎 ADVANCED Tips and Tricks: Fallout Shelter Android, Fallout Shelter Gameplay

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Come find tips to get you started as well as a detailed walkthrough of tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter on Android, released August 13 2015.

I walkthrough:
– How to grow your shelter
– How to get the most out of sending your dwellers to the wasteland
– All room types
– How to deal with disaster (radroach etc)
– Max level of dwellers
– Easiest objectives
– Fallout shelter limits
– How to make dwellers dance
…and so much more!

β–ΊJust getting started? Check out my beginner tips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NX0UV5DiTbc&index=1&list=PLfODI9GDzoeAgg1Hz6APRQaU4oUIJGsz_


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