🔥TOP 20+ SAMSUNG GALAXY S20, S20 PLUS & S20 ULTRA Tips, Tricks – Hidden & "Advanced Features"

Have a Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus or S20 Ultra? Here are my top 20+ tips & tricks for unlocking & utilizing the hidden & “advanced” features in your Galaxy S20+ 🤖DON’T HAVE A BORING S20, put a dbrand skin on it! (sponsored)

This is a great guide if you’re an iPhone switcher or a novice Android user!

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  1. Great Video, thanks for all your help. Do you happen to know if its possible to make the Status Bar at the top of the screen bold or larger? I can hardly see the icons and that is with my glasses on!!!!

  2. Hello, why can't I switch on flightmode, wifi and bluetooth directly in The overhead bar without loggning in?? As soon as I try to activate bluetooth, for example, The phone wont let me do it without loggning in on The phone. How can I change that??

  3. I used the sos feature directed to my own number to see how it works but now I can't toggle it on or off, nor can I change the contact, it's making me paranoid

  4. Thanks for the tips! I have the Galaxy 20 FE. I want my lock screen with wallpaper to stay on longer and not go immediately to the black screen. Any idea how to change that setting?

  5. Hey! I watched this video before and after getting my S20+.. Great tips!! Just have a question, how do i hide the battery percentage in the always on display and when i scrolled down the navigation bar.

    I already turned off battery percentage but it still shows on at some point

  6. Do you have any tips on how to max out the audio on phonecalls please? I have mine set to full volume but it can be still quite hard to hear the other person on the phone especially when there is background noise. Thanks

  7. Just followed right now, a bit late, even I got s20 ultra 5 months ago, I love it definitely, byt your way explaining is to fast, way to fast! Please to be more helpful go a bit slowly, please. Thanks for understanding.🙏👍

  8. As a new Samsung user I know I'll be coming back to this video for refer! Came from another platform so I'm still learning but I absolutely love it so far!

  9. Thank you for helping an old school dude figure out this new school tech. Luckily I found this video the 3rd day having my s20+. Coming from a s7! I couldn't figure out how to take a screen shot. The palm trick was mind bending. Thanks.

  10. Becouse of this video( well maybe one more with camera test! ) I’m not getting the new Iphone 12 pro but S20+ instead. So many cool things. iOS sucks compared to Android 🙃

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