🔥Top 10 iPhone & iPad Strategy Games 2020

Make important choices in these iOS Strategy games!
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1 – Company of Heroes

Download on App Store ($13.99 USD):

2 – Bad North: Jotunn Edition

Download on App Store ($4.99 USD):

3 – Rebel Cops

Download on App Store ($6.99 USD):

4 – 2112TD

Download on App Store ($1.99 USD):

5 – Crying Suns

Download on App Store ($8.99 USD):

6 – The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores

Download on App Store ($4.99 USD):

7 – Radio Commander

Download on App Store ($4.99 USD):

8 – Kingdom Two Crowns

Download on App Store ($9.99 USD):

9 – Scythe: Digital Edition

Download on App Store ($8.99 USD):

10 – Spaceland

Download on App Store (Apple Arcade):

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  1. Even better than Scythe, I think, is Root Board Game which just came out this week on iOS and some weeks ago on Steam. It’s an amazing asymmetrical war game between forest animals with the raccoon vagabond playing a mini RPG in the fray.

  2. Civilization VI is only five dollars on the App Store, after you play the first 60 rounds for free, just to see if you like it. There are expansion packs that cost more, but you don’t need them.

    Disgaea 1 complete, $33, is high but a major remaster from years of yore, and was a difinitive strategy game on the ps2.

    Final Fantasy Tactics $15 or $16, is one of those games people keep asking in the forums “is there a game like“ that is now in the App Store. This was one of the best known from the game boy advance era.

    True these are not the cheapest games in the store, mostly, but they are classics. Now, if only they would bring Heroes of Might and Magic III to the modern machines. And, sadly, not the newer one things in the series. Nostalgia

  3. I am so deeply impressed Scythe made it on one of these lists. One of the very best board games produced in the last 5 years. I was excited to finally see available from Steam to iOS.

  4. Great video thanks. I don’t have money so I can’t get any of them that you mentioned but they also aren’t really my type of games but I tried some others that I found and they were alright. 😁 I love your videos so much I always come home from school and I’m so excited when you post. You should do a video with your face like a vlog or something like that. I hope you have a great day/night and I hope your safe.

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