🔥How to Transfer Everything from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 12 and 12 Pro

I show you how to move all of your messages, movies, music, photos, test messages, WhatsApp message, app data and more from an old iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to a new iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max or any other iPhone using iOS 14 or newer using wireless data migration. #iOS #Apple #iPhone

In this video I walk you step-by-step through migrating all your data from your old iPhone to a new iPhone even if you ran out of iCloud storage or don’t have a computer to use iTunes to backup your iPhone.

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***Time Codes***
00:00 – Introduction
00:16 – What gets transferred
00:44 – If your phone is already setup
01:42 – If you want to use an iCloud backup
2:10 – Setup and transfer
02:56 – When to move your SIM Card
06:19 – Erasing the old device
07:06 – Showing what has transferred
07:48 – How long does the data transfer take
08:41 – Outro

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  1. For me I’m going to get the iPhone 12 pro max. blue color and it will take me more. then 1 to 2 months to get the money. needed to get the new iPhone 12 pro max. in November of 2020 after Black Friday after thanksgiving. So how can I transfer my stuff from the old iPhone 11. to the iPhone 12 pro max in November or in December or This year.

  2. Hey Aaron, thank you for the tutorial for how to transfer the old iPhone to a new one. I’m saving my money on a iPhone 12 Pro Max for the Sensor OIS Camera. Also, did you know if you downloaded the Outlook App on your iPhone and it automatically transfers those saved pictures into the picture folder?

  3. Upgraded wife’s iPhone X to the new iPhone 12 pro… all the data seem to transfer but a lot of the apps had to apparently be reloaded? Also repairing to her Apple Watch didn’t work the first time?

  4. I did the wireless device transfer and this was my experience:

    Everything was going as planned, I set up my cards in Apple wallet, and then when it came to transfer the information the process was immediately cancelled which required me to reset my new phone. After resetting my new phone, I went through the whole process again, but this time, I did not set up my cards in Apple wallet. When it came to transfer the data from the old phone to the new one, it was successful. I cannot say for sure whether setting up Apple wallet directly caused the data transfer to fail the first time. Thank you, Zollotech for these awesome DIY videos.

  5. ive just had a new iphone 11 today and it came with no sim card, so do i have to take out the sim card and put into the new phone before i start transferring from my old iphone 7plus to my new iphone 11

  6. Upgrading from an iphone 6 to an iphone 12. The video is awesome for transferring the data from one phone to another. I spoke with my cell company and they said that I couldn't use my old sim card, however many people online and youtube are saying that I can just switch out the sim card… this true, since I'm trying to also transfer my cell plan and phone number?

  7. Hi it won’t let me transfer my data from iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 12 Pro! And both phones are updated to the latest IOS software ! It just keeps bringing up quick start even though I have connected my 11 iphone already

  8. I hand down my current phone to either my mom or dad. In this case, I handed my iPhone 8 to my dad and he traded in his seven. I have the iPhone 12 product Rhane. The transfer and set up process took a while but not that long. I really like the battery life on the new iPhone 12. With the iPhone 8, it seem like I had to charge at least once a day.

  9. Is there a difference between this and restore from iCloud backup?. I have a large collection of photos that I have transferred with iTunes. Each time I use restore from iCloud I have to connect to iTunes and transfer them again, would this method copy over all the photos stored and not just the ones in the camera roll?

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