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Learn how to erase your iPhone and restore it to factory settings, either from your device or from your computer.

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How to erase your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch (on-device):
Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings (computer):

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  1. To erase your iPhone to factory settings shouldn’t you sign out of your iCloud first then turn off find my phone and then erase all content and settings that’s how I did it on my iPhone

  2. if i erase the content on one phone that i just transferred from a different iphone, will it be erased on both phones? coz i just bought a phone and transferred all my data and settings from my old phone but there's a cheaper same model phone $6 lower than where I bought it and I wanna erase the data and settings but im afraid it'll be erased on my old phone aswell

  3. The "Turn off Find my" is kind of ingenious, like it's making sure that the phone is not stolen and is being reset by you, or else the restore function won't work because the setting isn't turned off.

  4. what if my iphone didnt turn on and i got it fixed but i forgot my Apple ID password and it shows the thing to login and i hold the off and on button thingy and press start over and it says" erase iphone and start over this will reset youre iphones settings to factory defaults"what happens when i press erase iphone? 😂

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