🔥FREE Golf LAUNCH MONITOR app for iPhone! Too good to be true?

In this video Rick Shiels PGA Golf Professional reviews the Shotvision golf launch monitor app on his iPhone!

With the growing trend in golfers wanting to use a launch monitor it’s super exciting that you can now download an app onto your iPhone to track your golf ball! But is it good?

Rick downloads the app onto his iPhone 11 Pro but it will also work (obviously) on the brand new iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini!

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Written by Rick Shiels Golf


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  1. Great review as always Rick. I think that most amateur golfers as the majority of us this app is totally woth it for the price. Ok may be it is not consistent some times but who cares when for most of us the main issue is to strike the ball straight 🙂

  2. I'm wondering whether this has a place on working out your averages. I mean, if it went long and went short, the average would be 'about right'. So, if you're trying to work out carry ranges for all of your clubs, go to the range and hit a bucket of 100 balls. 1/4 don't register, 1/4 are right on, 1/4 are long and 1/4 are short. Ultimately, it means your carry range will be pretty much perfect.

    Given that your carry with a range ball is going to be less than with a ProV1 as well means that you will know if you're going to clear that water hazard or not.

  3. Test Driver, 7iron and wedge data against the Garmin and GCQuad! Everywhere says driver isn’t great with this app and its £20,000 vs £40 why not get the £400 one involved. I wanted answers and this gave none it was a poor video in truth.

  4. Potentially what matters is consistency as opposed to finite accuracy. I’m interested in increasing my swing speed with Irons and as such this would help. I know how far my ball goes because I see it land on the range and can laser it.

  5. Interesting video but you need to actually measure the carry and total distance i.e. have someone downrange to mark the distances. Use a highspeed camera(Slomo guys) to measure the launch angle and spin rate.

  6. It would have been nice to see some averages Rick. Yeah it's 20 – 30 yards short or long sometimes, but how did the averages of the free app and GC Quad compare?

  7. To me, as a beginner player still developing the swing for more distance, I would not be too concerned about absolute lengths as long as they are consistent. All of my practice is done on range balls anyways, which are not representative when it comes to the lengths. Generally I just want to know if I improve or not. I would like swing path and attack angle if that would be possible as it is factors which needs to be checked for a beginner I believe.

  8. You need to do a part 2 – gapping irons and wedges. For me that would be the biggest benefit of an iPhone app, not driver distance. Hopefully the shorter the distance of carry the more accurate the figures would be.

  9. All this shows me is that launch monitors are wildly over priced… If the tech in an iPhone can nearly do the job, surely it shouldnt take approximately £19k more tech to make it do the job?

  10. I feel it will come down to phone hardware and not bad for where camera are now on phones.
    Maybe the next gen phones will be seeing more accurate results.
    Didn't pick up on it but what iPhone is rick using? I personally use android

  11. It seems that spin rate is the least accurate measurement, where ball and clubhead speed estimates are decent. I'd just use this app in free mode instead of a cheap launch monitor that can't measure spin rate at all.

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