🔥Fix Instagram Not Loading Pictures! (Couldn't Refresh Feed Error) (2020)


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Here is exactly how to fix the error you might get on Instagram where images may not refresh!

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Written by LoFi Alpaca


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  1. My Instagram is not working when I enter the app it show me nothing I just see a white screen with loading , I’ve waited one hour then I delete it and download it again but nothing changes I also check if there’s an update and there’s no ,please guys tell me what’s the problem and how can I fix it😭

  2. Mine doesn’t have the loading bar thing it just doesn’t load, like I have good WiFi bc every other app I use loads perfect, and mine doesn’t let me go to any videos and almost everyone’s profile picture doesn’t load in

  3. my instagram will NOT work at all on any accounts. it won’t load posts, wont let me post, and wont let me view dms. i tried everything listed in the video but it still WONT work . help??

  4. Hello i try everything …but it doesnt work….i have 2 account and if i switch to another acc…the feed works but if i switch again to my diffrent acc it didnt want to refresh the feed…but…others people can see my photos and feed

  5. I'm unable to post pics all of a sudden on IG. On the bottom, in the middle where the plus symbol is supposed to be, there now is a camera symbol. I checked all my settings, they look just fine. Idk what the heck happened. Please help.

  6. I use new account because my old is taken down and i didnt even noticed with message i just open instagram one morning and everything is blank i still try to refresh but nothing happens, all that i see is instagram feed cannot be refreshed and thats means for everything posts, story, dm, my profile etc.

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