🔥Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Mobile Phones, Landlines & Love.

Unlike his stand up, Chai time is a live vlog show where Kenny sits down with a cup of tea with an intimate audience and has a casual conversation about the things that pick his brain.

In this video, He talks about the evolution of phones. From landlines, to mobile phones to smartphones becoming an integral part of our lives. How it shapes our closest relationship and how it also divides by brands, generations and of course, phone cases.

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Instagram: @KennethSeb

Production Manager: Akshay Pillai.

Sound Mixing : Nishant Agarwal

Venue: Cuckoo Club, Pali Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai.

Produced by Superhuman Studioz.

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Written by Kenny Sebastian


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  1. Thanks for the love guys! So happy to be back with chai time 🙂 I was shooting and writing my one hour stand up special for Netflix (which will be out soon). Meanwhile, was hard to produce something for the YouTube channel. Managed to do it!

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  2. I've loud ringtone, it's just I put my phone in hand bag as in market or in a bus I can't hear it & people become angry at me for not picking up the phone. When I'm at home same problems either I'm in kitchen or washing clothes didn't hear the phone ringing. Few time ago a kind hearted boy came into my life as I tell him everything he suggested me his favourite song for ringtone it's a Dilget Dosanj song. I can hear it anywhere it bascally rips off all other noises around. I don't have cover with things written or ears or sparkle. How to ignore people who talk for one hour you asked. Not any thing yet interduced to save you yet mostly it's arm & ear which go numb after one hour.

  3. I keep my phone on silent cause I hate ringtones and loud voices. All my friends, family are annoyed because I never pick up their calls but that's fine. And when he asks if anyone has a loud ringtone, I am like….PEOPLE DO THAT?!

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