✔️ iPhone phone number formatted incorrectly after IOS 14 Update Fix

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iPhone phone number formatted incorrectly after IOS 14 Update Fix.
So you’ve done an iOS 14 update and now your iPhone telephone contacts are in the wrong format and you cannot call anyone.
This is how to fix contacts on iPhone which seems to be an issue after the latest IOS update.
I will take you through 4 Steps to try to fix this. Hopefully one of these will fix it and you won’t need Steps 5 or 6!
iPhone contacts space between numbers fix.
iPhone contacts incorrect format fix.
You may also get the same issue if you take your iPhone to another Country and then return home.

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0:00 Introduction.
0:20 Step 1 to try.
0:36 Step 2 to try.
1:04 Step 3 to try.
2:03 Step 4 to try.
2:10 Steps 5 and 6 (hopefully not needed).
2:24 Telephone numbers ok, let’s call my Wife.
2:30 My Wife answers.
2:44 Time for a lovely cup of tea.


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