✔️ iPhone 6 stuck on the startup progress bar after updating it to iOS 12.5.1

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In this video, I have shown iPhone 6 stuck on the startup progress bar after updating it to iOS 12.5.1, before this condition the phone was working perfectly with the screen locked, the user has forgotten the screen password, and someone installed iOS 12.5.1 then the problem starts.

UPDATE: New firmware version is released by Apple on 26th March 2021 so just download the new firmware and let me know via comments if still has not solved.

Download iOS 12.5.2 (16H30) for iPhone 6: http://updates-http.cdn-apple.com/2021WinterFCS/fullrestores/071-08277/CA3754F3-89CF-42AF-A2F0-9F996F8056C6/iPhone_4.7_12.5.2_16H30_Restore.ipsw

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