✔️ How to fix Google Account Sync Error in Android

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In this, you will see how I can easily fix the google account error syncing error showing in my Android Phone. By chance, this method won’t work for you, we have 1 advance backup method available on our website: https://whatvwant.com/google-account-sync-error-in-android/

00:41 Step 1: Open Android Settings
00:43 Step 2: Click on Account option, OR you may find account and sync option depend on your android version.
00:51 Step 3: Select Google
01:04 Step 4: Click on your existing google account
01:10 Step 5: Click on 3 dots icon, and then select remove account
01:23 Step 6: Open settings again and click on accounts option
01:32 Step 7: Click on add account button
01:35 Step 8: Choose google
01:41 Step 9: Enter the credentials of google account which showed google sync error previously
01:59 Step 10: Enter the email address and click on next
02:07 Step 11: Enter the password and click on next
02:37 Step 12: Now tap it to sync it again, and also verify if the google account sync error is still there or not.
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