✔️ How to download/install and run MATLAB on Android phone in Mizo (Circular gives error so try in PC)

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in duhthusam angin ka sawifiah thiamlo hle a. Mahse ka theihtawp chu ka chhuah ve ania😅. Matlab Mobile ka hmang a, run theih loh 1 chiah ka nei a. Chu2 Circular Convolution ani a, laptop/pc ah bak a run theihloh tih ka rawn sawi tel e. A harsa lo na in, duhthusam chuan Matlab software kha in PC ah nei thei ula ka suggest ber che u. Phone ah poh a theih deuh vek a. Circular convolution khi pc/laptop a run ngai awmchhun ani. .

Ka channel tlawmte ilo en ve a, min la subsribe lo anih chuan lo like and subscribe threuh ang che u. 🥰


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