✔️ Camera is not working in android device (Samsung)

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Camera not working

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Hello everyone and welcome to my channel and in this video today we will see what to do if the camera of your android device stops working and displays an error message.

In case if the camera of your android device is not working then there are few things you can try to resolve this issue.
The first thing what you do is remove the SD card from your android device and then reinsert it again to check if the camera works and the next thing what we do is we will go to “Settings”. We will go to “Apps”. Scroll down and look for “Camera”. Go to “Storage”. Select “Clear cache” and then “Clear Data”. Select “Delete”. Now check if the camera of your android device works. If this does not fix the issue then the last option what you can do is you can bring your android device to the factory state by formatting it and then check if the camera works. For that one you need to go to “Settings”. You need to go to “General management”. Go to “Reset” and here there is an option “Factory data reset”. Select this option. Then you will see what happens when you do Factory data reset. All the data will erased from your phone and then whatever applications you have installed will be removed. So, if you want to backup any data, backup before you Factory reset your android device. So, once the android device is reset, check if the camera works or note.

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