✔️ apple iphone 4 antenna fail reception no service at&t key 3G bars decrease HD test problem

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Iphone 4 loses reception and bars decrease when holding the phone in many positions. Holding the phone “wrapping” your hands around the antenna will make you lose a call. I have a good reception and never have (had) any drop calls in my area. But after several dropped calls and 2 weeks of Iphone 4, I noticed it was all true. The key is put down touching the 2 metals and the “BLACK LINE” on the left side of the phone; the bars gradually decrease to it being Out of Service! It is insane to have this problem with such a great phone. My razr v3 and black jack did not have this problem. Not even my Iphone 3G was as vulnerable as this new gadget. Should there be a recall? or a compensation? I am disappointed.

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